Wordpress Design & Development

WordPress is the perfect solution for modern websites. With Wordpress, sites that used to cost a minimum of $5K can now be developed for far less. Because WordPress uses the language and database platform that I specialize in, I can provide a level of WordPress customization that many WordPress designers cannot.


High-End Functionality

Thousands of add-on tools give WordPress sites functionality that used to be available only to those with huge budgets.



The WordPress community is so large – and ever-growing – that the chances of WordPress disappearing are slim. That can’t always be said for similar programs.



With a little bit of training, even the biggest technophobe can easily manage her/his website content with WordPress.


74.5 Million Websites

As of April 2015, more than 74.5 million WordPress websites exist. Self-hosted WordPress sites account for over 18% of all websites.


Case Studies

Below are some examples of recent projects.

Just Delicious Bakery

Coming soon…

Investing in Excellence

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Montavilla Food Coop

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