Arete Collection

Custom HTML Sites

Custom websites are designed and built from scratch (vs. being built using a web builder tool or content management system). In the early days of the web, custom websites were the only option. These days, they are more of a rarity. It is faster and cheaper to create websites using tools like WordPress. Any custom sites built today should use HTML 5 and CSS 3, as well as any necessary support script for higher functions.


Business Card Sites

Custom HTML is good for single-page websites serving mainly as on-line business cards


Managed Sites

HTML might be the choice for you if you don’t want to manage your site yourself.


Splash Pages

HTML is perfect for animated splash or entry pages — but do use these with caution!



If you have specific security needs, a custom site might be your best bet.


Arete Collection

Case Study: Arete Collection

Graphic designer, Jim Parker, provided the design for this project. Arete Collection wanted a Flash-like placeholder web page while their full site was being developed. HTML5, CSS, and jquery were used to turn Jim’s design into a responsive web page similar to Flash splash pages of yore.