The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is an amazing resource and outstanding project which aims to digitize and archive anything and everything (seemingly) it can get its hands on. The Internet Archive has archived over 456 billion web pages, over 1.9 million moving images, over 7.8 million documents, over 2.3 million audio files, and over 96,000 software programs. This unfathomable amount of information is available to you for free 24/7.

Additional projects of the Internet Archive include efforts to digitize all written materials produced by entire countries and creating free mobile libraries (which print books on demand) to areas where the internet is not available.

If you have never visited the Internet Archive, check it out. If you can, donate.

The Way Back Machine

Nostalgic for that old website you used to visit as a kid? If you remember the URL, you may be able to find it via the Way Back Machine.

Open Library

Over 1 million titles await you for free at the Internet Archive’s Open Library Project. The Open Library also aspires to have a web page for every book ever published. How fun is that?

Moving Images

If you missed your chance to see Prisoners of the Lost Universe in 1983, don’t despair! The Internet Archive’s moving images archive has your back. Check it out (or search for others).

Play Like It Was 1993

The Internet Archive’s Software Collection includes games, ancient FTP sites, obscure programs and more. Go ahead, you know you want to play Edo’s Super Puzzle.