Why can't I log in to my WordPress dashboard?

Do you see a log-in form?

If the answer is “no”…

Are you sure you are on the right page?

Most WordPress log-in URLs look like this: http://yoursite.com/wp-login.php
or http://yoursite.com/blog/wp-login.php
You can also try: http://yoursite.com/wp-admin

Are you certain that you aren’t logged in?

If you see “Howdy, user name” in the upper right corner of the web page, you are probably already logged in.

If the answer is “yes”…

I have to ask…are you certain you have the correct user name and password?

WordPress log-in credentials are case sensitive; make sure you are using the correct case.

If you copy and paste your user name or password, make sure that you don’t accidentally copy any blank spaces at the beginning or ending of the text you copy.

I find it best to use my user name, not email address, in the log-in form (the opposite is true when using the “Forgot Password” form).

Does your website have a 2-step sign-in process?

Many WordPress sites now use a 2-step sign-in process for security purposes.  If you see a pop-up log-in form, read it! It might tell you exactly what to enter. One popular tool asks users to enter a specific set of characters as a user name, and the answer to a simple math problem as the password. Be sure to read the form carefully and follow the instructions on it. Once you get past the form, you should see the regular WordPress log-in form. Enter your normal user name and password in the form. Be sure to read the form even if you “tell” your browser that you want it to remember it.  The information will change from time to time!

How many times have you tried to log-in?

Many websites have firewalls or other security features that limit the number of log-in attempts. If you try to log-in too many times with incorrect data, you could be locked out of the site. Lock-outs normally last anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours. Be sure to check with your developer/designer to learn how many attempts are allowed and over what time span, as well as, how long lock-outs last. If you continue to get locked out, ask your developer/designer about white listing your IP address.

What is a web host and why do I need one?

Like any good host, a web host provides a comfortable environment with security, services, and amenities. Unlike your favorite hotel or friend, a web host provides these things for your website. Web hosts provide space on computers known as “web servers” (because they “serve” web pages to browsers). These computers are directly connected to the “backbone” of the world wide web.

Can I use my own computer as a web server?

Sure…if you want to. But I wouldn’t recommend it — unless you really know what you are doing, have a dedicated computer for the purpose, and have a very fast internet connection.

Any computer that is directly connected to the world wide web is extremely vulnerable to numerous types of attacks, viruses, malware, adware, spying, and more.

We have a very large company. Can we self-host?

Sure. If you have a large business and can afford a dedicated IT Department, there is no reason to not self-host.