About CBD

City Beautiful Design (CBD) is a website design and web application development firm located in Portland, Oregon. Since December of 1999 CBD’s founder Tina Granzo has helped over 240 businesses and individuals develop, maintain, and improve websites and web-based tools for their businesses.

While Tina specializes in database-driven web applications, she also:

  • designs and builds custom websites
  • builds websites from designs provided by clients and graphic designers
  • fixes broken websites and web applications
  • maintains websites for businesses and individuals
  • creates and maintains WordPress websites
  • teaches others to maintain their own WordPress websites
  • consults
  • reviews websites
  • reviews proposals from other firms

Tina also offers custom, handmade illustrations, as well as, some graphic design services.

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Tina founded CBD in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Portland in 2006.

Tina attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for 2 years, and then transferred to the University of Michigan where she earned a BFA in 1995.

Tina built her first database in 1992. She has been making websites and databases talk to each other since 1997.

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Tina Granzo